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Distribution of large consumer goods

Sample customer: Vlot Logistics

The distribution of large consumer goods such as furniture, beds and washing machines is a real specialty, often called two-man handling. In addition to transport, assembly is also carried out. The deliverers are the customer's business card, while the work is done in the private environment of the end customer. It is important that work is carried out as agreed with the client and to the satisfaction of the consumer, stimulating your Return On Experience.

Additional services may be purchased, extra accessories may be sold, or used items and packaging may have to be returned.

The deliverers must know what work has been agreed and what extra work, if any, may be delivered. Deviations, damages and problems must be optimally registered and immediately visible to all concerned. Perhaps something is being assembled for which a manual, photos or a video are required - the delivery man must have these at his disposal immediately.

Logistics.ONE presents the delivery staff with a user-friendly display of the workflow associated with the articles and services to be delivered. You can present different workflows at order level. To meet customer needs quickly and flexibly, Logistics.ONE Survey Editor allows you to create, modify or delete dynamic questionnaires independently. Logistics.ONE's extensive standard functionality provides everything you need to deliver and install large consumer goods perfectly, even an integrated payment solution is among the possibilities. Also, thanks to Logistics.ONE's monitoring capabilities, you are always fully informed of the current status of your tours and stops.

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